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LCA Memberships (01 Oct 2018)

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AGM Launceston 5th May 2018 (05 May 2018)

 Another successful AGM was held for the LCA.

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Cert IV in Training and Assessing

POSTED on May 12 2013
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We have been receiving lots of queries regarding the training for Cert IV in Training and Assessing.

Do I need to be a member of the LCA to participate in the Cert IV training?

Yes you do need to be a member. You can download a membership application form online from the website.

Do I need to be a Livestock Contractor or work with a Livestock Contractor?

Yes you do, this course is for our members in the Livestock Contractors Industry.

How will the training be delivered for the course?

We have appointed a trainer - Sara to assist our members to do their training. The training will be delivered in a flexible module with the RTO being Kondinin's. The training is delivered online and over the phone at times that suit the student ie. on the weekends and after hours as we understand and appreciate that our members are out working all day and work away from home. We will assist you in achieving this qualification.

Who Do I Contact with any further queries or questions?

Please contact Linda, LCA Secretary on 03 5579 1424 or mobile 0488 791 424.