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Recommended Protocols in response to COVID-19 (06 Apr 2020)

Recommended Protocols in response to COVID-19

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AGM 2020 (06 Apr 2020)

Given the current COVID-19 pandemic the 2020 AGM has been postponed. Dates to be confirmed.

Please contact President Jamie Rowe via email



About Us


  1. To promote the use of Livestock Contractors.
  2. To present a united voice when discussing problems and programs with other bodies to ensure that the interests of contractors and their clients are considered.
  3. To facilitate ongoing development of knowledge and skills of contractors by:
    -Meeting with fellow Livestock Contractors.
    -Meetings with expert Scientific Advisers;
    -Update skill workshops utilising the input of recognised authorities.
    -Dissemination of information via newsletter and/or meeting reports.
  4. The promotion of Animal Health Contracting as a responsible profession.
  5. To encourage the conduct of all Animal Health Contracting operations in a proficient, caring and professional manner.
  6. To ensure that animal welfare, with the prevention of unnecessary pain and suffering, is a major consideration and prime object.
  7. To actively seek involvement, leading to cooperation with the various bodies whose aims and objections run parallel with the Association.


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